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10 crazy things list

Having endometriosis is a journey in which you learn new skills, learn about yourself and learn to have fun in new ways!  This is one thing that we should appreciate about our endometriosis journey as many people do not learn these lessons until late in life when they hit health troubles.  

Through my journey, I have tried to do too many things and my body has told me to slow down. I got some body stress and would end up in bed feeling miserable and sorry for myself (a victim of failing to look after my whole health).

Early on after my diagnosis, I learned from Annette the importance of having a toolkit for my health approach and to update it regularly. I am a slow learner. I didn’t fully appreciate this at the time – but my body kept giving me the message. You can be sure that I have got the message now! If I relapse I will make sure to get a refresher on taking care of myself. 

I have knowledge of holistic health. I fully came to appreciate looking after my physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health through my endometriosis experience.  Knowledge of yourself, your body, expressing your emotions, and being true to your values are all so important. 

However, sometimes we can do too much because we haven’t paced ourselves. We get ‘stuck’ and then it all seems so hard at that particular moment on that particular day.

How do we find the energy to get through that particular moment? I read in a book once that when you become overwhelmed and stuck, write a list of 10 crazy things and do one of them. I recommend you try your own version.

Here is my example list:

  1. Go and scream at the sea

  2. Make jelly and eat it for breakfast

  3. Wear your most favourite outfit to work as if it's going to be a really important day

  4. Draw a picture of what it is that your body is trying to tell you (you do not need to be an artist to do this because if you were, it probably wouldn’t work)

  5. Become a visitor in your own neighborhood and see everything through new eyes

  6. Paint your toenails different colours

  7. Write a story about what you have learned and some changes you would like to see in your life (your story can be humorous, a fairy story or any kind you like)

  8. Think of something you really enjoyed to do as a child and do it

  9. Do Pilates exercises, dance or whatever gets you moving to upbeat music

  10. Sit down with some magazines, a glue stick and some cardboard and make a vision board with any pictures that grab your attention  

Now it is your turn! You don’t have to be currently stuck to try this out. Write a list and start today!  Put your list in a handy place and think about how you could use this list next week, next month, or in six months.

Just like your toolkit for health, you can update your list as you change and grow and learn in your particular endometriosis journey. It is often through our mistakes or difficulties that we learn.  

I hope you will share your ideas with others who share the same and slightly different journeys.  Right now I am off to make some jelly!

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