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Tori's Story "Getting my life back on track"

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Tori had suffered from period pain for a couple of years. A lot of women haven't heard of endometriosis before and part of our mission is to make more people aware of the condition and realise that period pain that stops you from doing things is not normal. Here is Tori's story.

"It got so bad at times that I would pick at my nails to get my mind off the pain. I sat there squished into a ball with a wheat-pack in the middle. I went to my doctor and she prescribed Naproxen. This helped a lot, but not enough to be fully able to live out my life normally. I grew to ignore the pain eventually.

It wasn't until I moved to Hamilton and participated in the Purple Walk in March that I was introduced to 'Endometriosis'. Ever since then, I have been back to the doctor, been prescribed the Pill, and am now feeling so much better. Although I am not 100% sure it IS in fact Endometriosis, treating my symptoms as if I have the condition has helped me get my life back on track.

Insight Endometriosis and the rest of the volunteers have helped me understand what I am going through and how to deal with it".

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