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Jess's Story "10 year's of being told the pain was in my head"

My first symptoms of endometriosis happened at about 12 years old.  Mum and I then spent 10 years being told by doctors that the pain was in my head.

Over the years I have had so many different painkillers thrown at me until March this year when I was in so much pain I begged my doctor to sort it out, and she referred me to the Gynaecology Department at Waikato Hospital.

I saw a specialist in May and three weeks later I had diagnostic laparoscopic surgery.  They found endometriosis in my Pouch of Douglas.  My ovaries, uterus, and one fallopian tube have been attached to my pelvic wall with scar tissue (adhesions).

I had a Mirena IUD inserted at the same time as the surgery.  It has helped with excessive bleeding, but I am still trying to find the right pain relief.  When the pain is really bad, I find a hot water bottle or heat pad helps to relax the muscles and makes the painkillers more effective.

I am still waiting for more surgery to remove the scarring.

I was relieved when I got the diagnosis because I now know why I am in pain.  Sometimes it is hard to deal with the constant pain but when I'm feeling down I turn to my scriptures and that helps.

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