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Megan's Story "Several surgeries and maybe another on the way"

I experienced very painful periods throughout my teenage years.  I still remember going to the family doctor when I was 15 and being given the contraceptive pill to try and alleviate the pain I was experiencing.  Although this did help for a while, I still had heavy periods.  I would wear two pairs of underwear and forever had to change the bedding.  For some reason, which I still have not been able to fathom, the left side of my face used to swell up as well!  It looked like I had the mumps, but it only happened during that “time of the month”.  Also, my mother made it very clear that I was not allowed to tell any boy that I was on the pill.  I still laugh about this!  I stayed on the pill until I was married to my first husband at 25.  When I came off the pill, the pain that I had experienced during my teenage years was mild compared to what I was about to go through.

After being unable to conceive for three years I went to my GP.  She made some notes and referred me to a gynecologist in Hamilton.  I was put on the infamous “waiting list” to have laparoscopic surgery.  Luckily I didn't have to wait too long.  I had the surgery done in Thames Hospital that September, which also involved a D&C (dilatation & curettage).  Within 6 weeks I was pregnant.  I guess you can imagine the elation that my husband and I felt.  Unfortunately, I miscarried and spent Christmas Eve in Thames Hospital.

After this, as we were now living in Papakura, I had several visits to Middlemore Hospital.  Each time they thought it was my appendix.  The pain was excruciating.  Thankfully I had an amazing GP who referred me to a gynecologist based at Middlemore.  By this time my first husband and I had divorced.  I had three laparoscopies and on the third one, they diagnosed endometriosis!  I was relieved that I finally had a name for what I was experiencing, because for some time I thought that I was a hypochondriac!

My endometriosis was so severe that within six weeks I was booked in to have a full abdominal hysterectomy.  As I was single and in my 30’s I didn't think that I would marry again.  I was also planning my OE and I didn't want to have to be in agony and not enjoy myself.  I then met a fabulous man through the internet whom I am now married to.  I was unable to have any children.  However, I have two nephews and two nieces that I love with all my heart!  I have also been blessed with two great-nieces.

I have had two major surgeries for endometriosis since my hysterectomy.  The first one I ended up having two surgeons - a gynecologist and a general surgeon operating on me.  As my endometriosis was attached to my bowel, I had to have my bowel resected. 

As I write this story, I am booked to see another gynecologist, I am experiencing again a lot of pain, especially around the bowel area.  The pain seems to intensify for 7-10 days every month even though I have had all my reproductive organs removed.  I’m not sure how I came to find out about Insight Endometriosis, but I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the team who do a fantastic job looking after us all.

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