Alea's Story "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

My journey with endometriosis began at the mere age of 14. One night completely out of the blue I woke up with searing pain throughout my lower abdomen, I was taken to hospital and reviewed by Waikato Hospital's gynaecology team; even though all of my symptoms were pointing toward endometriosis, I was brushed off and told ’14-year-olds don’t get endometriosis'.

This continued for the next 5 months; at least once a month I would be in the hospital getting the same treatment and being sent home after a few days. I found that with my endometriosis pain, it would come in short sharp bursts, which while it was great to not have long-lasting pain, the sharp bursts were enough to cause me to pass out or require morphine urgently. Over these five months, I tried many different treatment options, including the pill which caused endometrial polyps (not fun!).

The severity and frequency of the pain eventually became too much and I had to leave my school to go onto correspondence; this was a huge setback for me, as I became very isolated.

Finally, after being treated as if I was crazy time-after-time I struck a love