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Purple Walk

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Hamilton Lake Will Be ‘Painted Purple’ Help change the futures of thousands of Waikato teenage girls and women / wāhine by participating in the 12th annual Purple Walk for Endometriosis Awareness. Held at Innes Common, the fun walk around Hamilton Lake attracts more than 500 ‘purple’ participants and raises awareness about endometriosis – a condition that can significantly impair a woman’s quality of life. While the most common symptom of endometriosis is pain with periods, it’s also a leading cause of fertility problems. Purple Walk is a fun community event which gets people talking about this silent epidemic. We can’t let 15-year diagnostic delays continue – women need to wise up that pain with periods isn’t normal. Endometriosis impacts the whole community – for the sake of our women and teen girls, let’s get walking, and talking, about it! The Purple Walk starts with a Gama Zumba warm-up at 5.30pm on Wednesday 11th March. It only costs $5 and children under 13 are free. There’s $2000 worth of prizes to be won by purchasing a prize draw ticket, a prize for the Most Creative Individual and Team, as well as the best dressed dog! To register and for more information visit:  Cash registrations can be also be made at Tonic Health (The Base, Chartwell and Centreplace), University Rec Centre and YWCA. At the event from 4:30pm (cash only).

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