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Why women with endometriosis have trouble conceiving

Coming to understand endometriosis and fertility can often seem a daunting prospect, and for those who want children, difficulty with conceiving or fertility problems can come with a range of emotions. Of women seeking assistance with fertility problems, 30-50% have endometriosis.

Whether you have endometriosis yourself or you know someone who has from it, here we have listed for you the different reasons why women with endometriosis may have trouble with conceiving.

1. Pain during sexual intercourse

One of the symptoms of endometriosis is painful sexual intercourse. This is caused by the inflamed growth of endometrial tissue on the pelvic ligaments. Such pain can cause sexual intercourse to occur less frequently than women who do not have endometriosis, resulting in a lesser likelihood to fall pregnant.

2. Inflammation & scarring of the fallopian tubes or ovaries

Ovaries or fallopian tubes may be scarred as a result of inflammation, which can interfere with the ability of the follicle to release the ripe egg into the end of the tube. This prevents the egg from being able to enter the uterus and allow for fertilisation.

3. Inflamed pelvic tissues destroying sperm

Inflamed pelvic tissues may digest sperm, causing the possibility of insufficient numbers of sperm to fertilise the egg.

4. Endometriotic cysts within the ovaries

A large endometriotic cyst within the ovary may make it physically impossible for the fallopian tube to pick up the egg, also preventing the egg from being able to enter the uterus and become fertilised.

5. Inflammation impairing the development of ovarian follicles

Inflammation in and around the ovaries may interfere with the development, rupture, and release of the ovarian follicles, which contain the potential for egg cell release.

6. Endometriosis may make the uterine lining less optimal for implantation

The endometrium, or uterine lining, maybe less responsive for implantation of a fertilised egg due to inflammation within the uterus. Blood from the endometrial cavity oxidises or rusts – releasing chemicals that inhibit the development of the hatching embryo at the very time the uterine lining needs to have optimum function for implantation.

If you are having difficulty with conceiving, consult your professional health care provider about the options available to you to overcome your fertility problems.

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