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Why choose us to support you

At Insight Endometriosis, we believe that everyone deserves access to accurate information and support when dealing with endometriosis.

We have been empowering the endometriosis community by providing information, education, and support as well as raising awareness to reduce diagnostic delays since 1999.

We believe through information, support, and awareness people with endometriosis can be empowered to make decisions for themselves regarding their health and endometriosis journey.

Our aspiration for Aotearoa New Zealand

Those affected by endometriosis are empowered and supported at all levels, with equitable outcomes for all. 


Our Vision

Lives are not limited or defined by endometriosis.


Our Purpose

To empower people with support and information, and through strong partnerships work towards equitable change.


Our Values





Inclusive and Connected

Meet our team

Our Board of Trustees

Our Staff

Volunteerism is a cornerstone of the success of our organisation through the time donated and the knowledge, skills, and expertise volunteers bring.


We value our volunteers and are committed to best practices to maximise engagement when working with us, we belong to several volunteer centres in Aotearoa New Zealand and have a Volunteer Development Management on our staff. 

Discover the volunteer centres we belong to here +

Our strategic goals

Our annual report

Thank you to our partners and supporters

Our disclaimer

The information on this website reflects current evidence-based research from New Zealand and worldwide at the time of writing. While we endeavour to update as new information becomes available, Insight Endometriosis cannot guarantee or assume legal responsibility for the currency, accuracy, and completeness of the information.

This website is for educational and support purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical or health advice.

A GP, gynaecologist, or specialist may provide new or different information that is more appropriate to an individual's needs and so Insight Endometriosis advises those seeking a diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment to consult their doctor or an appropriate medical professional.

Insight Endometriosis is not responsible for the content of other parties that reference or are referenced from this website; such references should not be construed as endorsements. Any links to external websites are for your information only, and Insight Endometriosis cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Nothing contained on this website is or shall be relied on as, a promise or representation by Insight Endometriosis.

We encourage the distribution and sharing of information on this website to support those affected by endometriosis; please acknowledge Insight Endometriosis as the source.

We support the Medical Council's statement that:

"... patients may need to be reminded that internet research cannot take the place of a face-to-face consultation."

Join us in our mission to empower people with endometriosis and improve the lives of thousands in Aotearoa New Zealand

We rely on the support of our community to provide the resources and support that people with endometriosis need. There are many ways to get involved and make a difference, from making a donation to volunteering your time.

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