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Support us and get involved

We need your help to provide information, resources, and support for people with endometriosis, diagnosed or suspected. 

From donating, fundraising, partnering or volunteering, you are an essential part of what we do. Together, we can ensure that anyone can get accurate information and support when dealing with endometriosis.


Insight Endometriosis is a charitable trust and whether you give a little or a lot, every donation helps to provide our free services to New Zealanders impacted by endometriosis.

Make a one-off donation, or become a regular donor. 

Regular donations are important because they provide us with funding that we can rely on, enabling us to plan each year and continue to provide support to people that suspect they have, or are diagnosed, with endometriosis.

Other ways to donate 

Gift to us_edited.png

Gift to us

Ask family and friends to help you celebrate your birthday, anniversary or even wedding day with a  donation to Insight Endometriosis instead of presents.

Your gift and their gift can make a real difference to people living with endometriosis and ensure they get information and support throughout their journey. 

Gift in memory_edited.png

Gift in memory

Remember a loved one and ask for donations towards a funeral collection. Pay tribute by asking people to share their memories when they make a gift to support people with endometriosis. 

Please let us know if you would like donation buckets for the funeral collection. You can also use envelopes that family and friends can use to make private donations in person. 

Legacy gift_edited.png

Leave a legacy gift

Do something amazing today that will make a difference tomorrow. By setting up a gift in your will you can make a long-lasting difference and provide hope to those living with endometriosis. 

Including a gift in your will helps us plan for a future where people with endometriosis needing support can access it. 

Give through payroll


Payroll giving is a great opportunity to donate directly from your pay to Insight Endometriosis. It's an easy and generous way to give regularly. 

Your employer deducts the donation from your pay and forwards the donation on to us. You don't have to worry about holding onto receipts each year and making rebate claims. 

Ask your employer or payer if they offer a Payroll Giving scheme and if they do let them know how much you want to donate and our information. 

Claim a tax credit for your donation 

Did you know that your donations are tax deductible? Insight Endometriosis is a Registered Charity, so you can claim a 33.3% tax rebate for your charitable donations over $5 and you can also choose to donate that rebate on to us!

Just log in to your secure Inland Revenue online service, myIR, and upload the donation receipts you received from us online at any time. Inland Revenue will then automatically calculate the credit and pay it into the bank account you have provided them with.

So you do not have to complete a paper form at the end of the tax year! 

We would love to thank you and acknowledge your donation, so please email to advise us of your donation.


Whether it's a sporting challenge, sausage sizzle, or something of your creation, you can make a big difference to someone with endometriosis and have a great time doing it! 

Giving your time and energy to fundraise can be rewarding and fun, especially if you get friends and family involved. 

Let us know about your fundraiser, we love hearing about what is happening in our community and would also love to share with others how you've helped people with endometriosis access information and support. 

You've done something amazing by fundraising for us so please don't stumble at the last hurdle! Make sure those hard-earned dollars get to us, and find out how more about paying in your fundraiser here +


Volunteers are the foundation of our organisation and are a huge benefit to the endometriosis community through the time, knowledge, and expertise they offer. 

However you choose to work with us you can make a big impact and difference, such as spreading the word about endometriosis and our services, raising awareness at expos, delivering posters, lending your professional expertise, assisting with support, or helping people navigate our services. 

Discover our current volunteer vacancies but we would love to hear from you even if one of these roles doesn't appeal to you at the moment +

Register your interest by completing the form below and we will be in touch with you. 

Volunteer roles interested in
Motivation for Volunteering

Thanks for submitting!


Support us by purchasing World Organics skincare and beauty products or with an Entertainment Digital Membership.

Find out more about World Organics, how to receive $20 off your first order, and get 10% of your order donated to us here + 

Get your Entertainment Digital Membership here +


Endometriosis affects 1 in 7 people born with a uterus. A significant condition that causes pain, fatigue social isolation, and in some cases infertility. These are people - your people. Your staff, your customers, your community. 

Make a difference by partnering with us and helping us to raise awareness of endometriosis. Your support will provide information, emotional and practical support to people with endometriosis and to continue this work, we need more businesses and community groups.

Find out how you can help us here +

We can also help you. We have a strong presence in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty as a supportive and informed trust since 1999. We are a well-respected, effective, and growing charity, that every day makes a tangible difference to the lives of those with endometriosis. 

With 1 in 7 people affected and endometriosis being a long-term condition, we have a passionate, long-term network of supporters that we regularly connect with through our website, social channels, newsletters, and our network of contacts across Aotearoa New Zealand.


If you would like to learn more about partnering with us, and how we can help engage your team members and show your community that you are supporting people with endometriosis, we'd love to hear from you.


Join us in our mission to empower people with endometriosis and improve the lives of thousands in Aotearoa New Zealand

We rely on the support of our community to provide the resources and support that people with endometriosis need. There are many ways to get involved and make a difference, from making a donation to volunteering your time.

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