Complementary Therapies


Complementary therapies are provided by therapists from a wide variety of disciplines and are often used in conjunction with conventional medicine and treatments. 

You can download our Complementary Therapies factsheet here

Healthy Food


Dietary and lifestyle changes may help to improve endometriosis symptoms and some people find that eating certain foods tend to trigger or relieve their symptoms.

Download here our Nutrition Factsheet and you can also download our Vitamins for Endometriosis factsheet here


Exercise can help with endometriosis symptoms as well as overall health and wellbeing. It's important to find what works best for you and your endometriosis, particularly if you find some types of exercise cause painful flares of symptoms.

You can download our 'Exercising with endometriosis' information sheet here.

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Mental Wellbeing and Self-Care

Living with endometriosis, its symptoms, and lifelong impacts can affect your mental wellbeing and emotional health.  


Taking intentional steps to take care of your emotional, physical, and mental health can make life a little bit easier. 

You can download our information sheet on 'Endometriosis, Depression, and Anxiety' here . We also have an information sheet on mental wellbeing and self-care that you can download here

Grief and Loss

The thoughts, feelings, and reactions we experience when faced with change and loss, are known as grief. Grieving is a very individual process.


For those with endometriosis and other chronic illnesses, changes in health and lifestyle can cause a feeling of grief and loss. The type of grief that comes with chronic illness is complex, and there is no ‘right way’ to grieve.

Download our Grief and Loss information sheet here

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Self-advocacy helps to empower you, to speak up for yourself, and make decisions and choices that affect your life. You have the authority to be the expert on your life, nobody else knows how your feel or what you think and being your own self-advocate is important. 

Download our Advocating for Yourself information sheet here


Everyone's experience of having a baby is different but understanding your own fertility is the best thing you can do.


Find out more about the possible impacts of endometriosis on fertility and treatments available for those needing help.


You can also download our Endometriosis and Fertility Factsheet here.