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Empowering People with Information and Support

At Insight Endometriosis, we believe that everyone deserves access to accurate information and support when dealing with endometriosis.

We are committed to empowering people to make decisions about their health by providing them with the resources they need to manage their condition and live their best lives.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis (pronounced en-doh-mee-tree-oh-sis) is a condition where tissue similar to the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) grows in locations such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, pelvic lining, bowel, bladder, appendix, and other organs. 

It is a common chronic (long-term) inflammatory condition that has a significant impact on people's lives including pain and fertility problems as well as an impact on relationships, absenteeism from work and school, and, mental health.

Endometriosis is difficult to recognise and diagnose because people experience a wide range of symptoms that present with various configurations, plus symptoms can also be similar to many other conditions.  

Some people are relatively unaffected by the condition, while a great many others suffer severe pain and distress from problems associated with endometriosis. It tends to be a progressive condition - left untreated it tends to worsen over time with each menstrual period. Early diagnosis and treatment can alleviate symptoms and may preserve fertility. 

People with endometriosis and / or immune disorders in their family may be more likely to develop endometriosis.

How to tell if I have endometriosis?

Pain around the time of your menstrual period or mid-cycle (ovulation) that affects your lifestyle, and /or fertility problems are symptoms of endometriosis. 

Symptoms of endometriosis vary from person to person and are wide-ranging. Use one of our tools below to help determine whether you should seek medical advice. Our experienced educator is also available at any stage of your endometriosis journey for information and support.

By being aware of endometriosis and with the right information you can invest in your wellbeing and understand how best to manage your symptoms.

How we can support and help you

We customise our information and support to meet your individual needs, at any time of your endometriosis journey - whether you suspect you have endometriosis, have a diagnosis, or have a whānau member, friend, or someone in your life that is experiencing endometriosis symptoms. 

Information and support can include:

  • providing evidence-based information to empower decision making

  • answering your questions

  • talking to someone experience and knowledgeable

  • learning to advocate for yourself with medical professionals and/or employers

  • building confidence to talk to people in your life about your experience with endometriosis

  • connecting with others going through a similar experience to you

Our experience and knowledge include symptoms, diagnosis, surgery, pain management, nutrition, exercise, complementary therapies, treatment options, advocacy, mental well-being, fertility, other conditions related to endometriosis, and ongoing management of your endometriosis. 

You can reach out at any point in your endometriosis journey. We can connect with you by Zoom, phone, email, social media, or in person at our Hamilton centre. We take the time you need, we don't watch the clock. 

For general contact enquiries about our organisation, supporting our mahi or partnering with us please email

For volunteering enquiries please email

"Insight Endometriosis has been a lifesaver for me. I finally feel like I have the resources and support I need to manage my condition."

Samantha, Age 32

"Thank you Insight Endometriosis for all the work you do to support people with endometriosis. You are making a real difference in the lives of so many."

Sarah, Age 28

Emily, Age 35

"I am so grateful for the support and resources I have found through Insight Endometriosis. Thank you for all you do!"

Events to support and inform you

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Visit our Info Hub

You can also download all of the information on this webpage in our FREE information guides, visit our info hub for the full range of guides. 

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Join us in our mission to empower people with endometriosis and improve the lives of thousands in Aotearoa New Zealand

We rely on the support of our community to provide the resources and support that people with endometriosis need. There are many ways to get involved and make a difference, from making a donation to volunteering your time.

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