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Endometriosis can affect people of all backgrounds and ages, including teenagers.

A complex condition involving hormonal and immune systems, cells that resemble those in the lining of the uterus (endometrium) grow elsewhere in the body, which responds to reproductive hormones and form lesions or ovarian cysts which in turn can cause inflammation and adhesions (scar tissue).

Insight Endometriosis is a charity that supports people in New Zealand to make their own decisions about the treatment and management of their endometriosis.

We offer FREE education appointments and organise meet-ups for people to be supported and feel connected through their endometriosis journey. 

Free evidence-based informaton is available on our website and through our downloadable information sheets and factsheets. 

"The most helpful thing for managing my endometriosis has been meeting people through Insight Endometriosis coffee groups and seminars. They’ve put my mind at ease. I can go and be amongst people that have gone through, and are still going through, what I was going through.”


Insight Endometriosis provide great support, education and advice for endometriosis sufferers and their families


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