Free Monthly Seminars


Our monthly seminars are cover a variety of informative topics, many with guest speakers.


Learn more about the condition and how to  manage your endometriosis

Coffee/Support Groups

Coffee/support groups are a great way of meeting others with endometriosis, to share experiences in a supportive enviroment.


What everyone needs to know about endometriosis

EndoWhat? Is an informative presentation providing key information about endometriosis to workplaces and community organisations.


With a complete set of notes provided and follow-up information and support available this presentation is ideal for a working lunch, at an evening meeting, as a seminar or information sessions.


In 45 minutes learn key information about endometriosis. We can also present a brief version of 20 minutes or otherwise adapt the presentation to suit your needs.

The presentation is available free to community organisations, and on a koha basis to workplaces.

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