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Education Appointment


You can book an appointment with our Educator to talk about your symptoms, diagnosis, surgery, pain management, nutrition, treatment options, and ongoing management of your endometriosis.


You can meet at any point in your endometriosis journey. Appointments are typically an hour-long, but we don't watch the clock. There is no cost but a koha would be greatly appreciated.

While ideally held at our Centre in Hamilton, appointments can also be booked for phone calls, or on zoom.

Get in touch to book an appointment.


Email and Facebook

Our Educator is also available via email and Facebook Message. This is particularly useful for Surgical notes, ultrasound reports and test results or for quick requests for information.

Contact us to by email or Facebook .

Post-Operative Visit

Be supported after your surgery with a visit from our Educator or one of our trained volunteers. Often this is a time when you have a lot of questions.

Let us know your surgical date and you'll be able to text post-surgery if you'd like a visit or to book a phone appointment.

(Currently only available in Hamilton)

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