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Thank you for visiting our Turkish info hub!

At Insight Endometriosis, we believe that everyone deserves access to accurate information and support when dealing with endometriosis.

All of the information on this page is free and downloadable

Information Guides

We are working on translating our information guides into Turkish for you, in the meantime please download our guides in English.

The purpose of these information guides is to empower you with knowledge about endometriosis, adenomyosis, and/or conditions related to endometriosis - whether you suspect you have endometriosis, have a diagnosis of endometriosis, or have a whānau member, friend, or someone in your life that is experiencing endometriosis symptoms.

It is important to remember that each person's experience of endometriosis is different and these information guides provide evidence-based information, as well as helpful tips from those that have lived experience of endometriosis.

To view and download the guides, click on the cover page below. 

Cisgendered woman sitting on a bed with her head on her knees and holding her stomach in pain
Image of person sitting on the toilet and getting a sanitary pad out of the packet
Image of a cisgendered female doctor talking to a patient
Image of three surgeons in an operating theatre
Person holding a medication packet and putting two tablets into their hand whilst holding a hot water bottle against their stomach
Woman kneeling on the floor holding a model of the pelvic floor bones
Cisgendered Māori female leaning on a windowsill and looking out
Cisgendered female sitting on the floor talking and using her hands to gesture
Group of five people sitting on a log with their backs to the camera looking out to a river
Cisgendered female sitting down holding a pregnancy test
Cisgendered female laying on a bed, holding her stomach in pain

We welcome you to share these information guides but please note that all of the information guides are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit:

Trackers and Jigsaws

We are working on translating our trackers and jigsaws into Turkish for you, in the meantime please download our trackers and jigsaws in English.


Check out our symptoms, pain and food tracker as well as our jigsaws that you can colour in your symptoms to help figure out whether you have endometriosis and/or adenomyosis. 

Endometriosis Tracker Front Page.png
Endometriosis Jigsaw of Symptoms Front Page.png
Endometriosis in Teens Jigsaw of Symptoms Front Page.png
Adenomyosis Tracker Front Page.png
Adenomyosis Jigsaw of Symptoms Front Page.png

Endometriosis Brochure

View and download our informative brochure on endometriosis. 

Endometriosis and COVID-19

We are working on translating our information guides on COVID-19 and self isolating with endometriosis into Turkish for you, in the meantime please download our guides in English.


COVID-19 and the vaccination has impacted the lives of everyone in New Zealand and globally.


Insight Endometriosis believes in evidence-based information that empowers people to make decisions for themselves regarding their health and endometriosis journey. We have compiled information COVID-19, the Pfizer, and AstraZeneca vaccination to empower your decision-making. 

We have also put together an information guide on self-isolating and endometriosis. We know that self-isolation can bring some challenges and having a plan can help to alleviate stress, assist with a smooth recovery and can take into consideration how to manage your endometriosis symptoms whilst you have COVID-19.

These uncertain times can affect your mental wellbeing. It's important to remember that if you aren't feeling good, there are many different types of help available. We have a range of information and tools on our website that may be helpful not only during these uncertain times due to COVID-19 but throughout your endometriosis journey. 

COVID-19 and Endo Front Page.png
Self-isolating and Endo Front Page.png

Join us in our mission to empower people with endometriosis and improve the lives of thousands in Aotearoa New Zealand

We rely on the support of our community to provide the resources and support that people with endometriosis need. There are many ways to get involved and make a difference, from making a donation to volunteering your time.

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